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The Volunteer Fire Department celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 1976. For the occasion a Westminster native, Howard F. Rice, one of the volunteer firemen, complied a history of the Fire Department from its original inception in 1917 when seven residents made a written request to the Village Clerk for action to be taken regarding fire protection. The following is excerpted with his permission.

On June 26, 1917 a request was received by Fred Lowe, Clerk of the Village of Westminster, to call a special meeting of the village to see if the village would vote to take any action toward better fire protection and if so, to raise money to defray expenses. This was signed by D.P. Wright (Alfred's father-lived in Woodard's house), Henry K. Willard, S.A. Pierce (lived next to Institute), George Wright (Mrs. Sawyers father), George Walker (owned store and lived in Tory's house), George Dascomb and George Hall (lived in Brennan's house and managed the canning factory).

In July of this year more information was needed and a committee was formed to arrange a demonstration by one or more fire extinguisher companies. Finally on November 3, 1917 at a special Village Meeting it was voted to purchase a chemical fire engine at a cost not to exceed $400. For the next twenty years different men were appointed to or volunteered for, the fire committee, whose job was to house and take charge of this chemical fire engine.



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